We believe that technology proceeds strategy and work as aircraft systems solutions provider in aviation industry. Our five series of products, from the development of illuminated panels till integrated control components in control panel assembly, the wide usage of solid power distribution in electro-mechanical systems, systematic lighting platform composed of internal and external airborne lighting, as well as GPWS warning, voice recognition system, are widely used in all domestic major model development projects.

                                            Through our years of endeavor, we have realized leading or solo player role in various core technologies in military aviation industry, who realized the integration of LED light source, EL field electro-luminescent, light color psychology, ergonomics and digital control technology into aviation lighting system; who possesses the capability of researching and developing control panels and dimming control system; who can provide batch installation.

                                            • Digital control technology into aviation lighting system.
                                            • Researching capability of CPAs & DCS.
                                            • R&D in GPWS warning system
                                            • Overall lighting solution
                                            • Digital control technology into aviation lighting system.
                                            • Researching capability of CPAs & DCS.
                                            • R&D in GPWS warning system
                                            • Overall lighting solution
                                            FAA airworthiness capability Certification
                                            C919 Airborne equipment systematic supplier

                                            We followed closely the national strategy on developing big airplane. For C919 project, we competed with international bench-marking companies and provided complete control panel modules and dimming control system as well as intelligent switch plate solutions. We became the only domestic supplier who successfully provided a complete system among all 32 tier 1 system suppliers for Chinese commercial airplane C919. In 2014, during the international bidding for new generation of domestic regional airplane MA700, we secured again the working package of control panel assemblies and dimming control system as well as secondary power distribution system, a true proof of our involvement in domestic main and regional airplanes.

                                            FAA airworthiness capability certification
                                            C919 airborne equipment systematic supplier
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