The product is connected with each other by RFID radio frequency mode, the single equipment transmission distance is up to 100 meters withunlimited expansion joint.This product can make the entire section synchronous or sliding flickerregardless of the number of products.

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The product is composed of three parts, panel (3mm), frame (2mm) and back plate (1mm), Its total thickness is only 6mm equivalent to the thickness of an IPhone6.

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High intelligent program-controlled LED solar guidance sign is an international advanced product. Numerous products can achieve synchronous flashing or flickering with unlimited expansion joint. Regardless of the number of products can make the entire section synchronous or sliding flicker.

The products include day and night automatic switch mode, programmable brightness adjustment in each period of LED mode or automatically brightnessadjustmentaccording to the environment brightness, so that the driver does not have the bright dazzling caused by LED to affect the driving sight.

The products can set the flash mode wirelessly, half-day lighting mode, lighting at different periods and lighting only at daytime or at night. And wireless way to detect the status of the work and performance of the product.

The product uses the optical shade with high transmittance and wide viewing angle. Its visual effect is still visible when the side is less than or equal to 30 degree angle.

The product uses the silicon solar panels with waterproof grade 6. The use of glass panel laminated packaging does not produce surface atomization phenomenon, or surface hardening, cracking, yellowing phenomenon, to ensure the longest service time of the product.

Flashing 2 times per second mode or slide flashing 1 times per second mode is suitable for low daylight illumination mountain area. Gradually dark sliding mode is suitable for full sunshineopen roadarea(such as fast roads or highway).

Battery charging state can work continuously for more than 150 hours, night warning distance is up to 300 meters.

Working temperature -40℃~75℃

This product is certified by the National Radio

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