Employees are one of the most significant assets and core competence of company. The talents' strategy of company is expanding development space and designing career path for employees based on value creation. Our company provides employees a ‘Dual Channels Developing Mode’ that is combined technical skills with management skills, a multi-level qualification system for vertical promotion & horizontal development, builds a management system of value chain composed of value creation, value evaluation & value distribution in order to optimize labor costs for company, to add value increasingly for employees, and eventually help to balance development between company and employees.

                                            Our company pays large attention to employees' training and development. After years of practice, we have built a hierarchical and multi-level training system based on ISO10015. By cooperating with professional training institutions, we have setup a platform for internal trainers of company. We have designed a series training lessons for new staff, such as pre-job cognitive, on-job adaption and on-job improvement. The training system of ‘Mentor/Apprentice’ helps new staff to understand and blend into company faster, as well as to reach qualification better. Professional trainings of technology, management and skills that are offered by excellent teachers each year, are aiming to increase our employee’s professional skills and comprehensive qualities.

                                            With an orientation on market performance as well as contribution, we set up the salary distribution policy for each individual in our company, and provid them with competitive salaries. We stick to the principle of ‘ to set salary based on job responsibility, to obtain salary based on contribution, and to change salary when job changes’. Our differentiated salary distribution system is composed mainly of performance based post salary, with negotiated salary in consideration, and last, a supplementary of medium and long term incentives.

                                            • Canteen

                                              Third party professional catering company.

                                            • Housing

                                              The dormitories equipped with home appliance.

                                            • Insurance

                                              Five insurances, one allowance plus supplementary provident funds & medical insurances.

                                            • Shanghai citizenship

                                              ‘Talent Introduction’ policy to obtain shanghai citizenship.

                                            • Holiday benefits

                                              Legal holidays, annual leave and marriage leave, etc.

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