Our company unveiled 国画 Series of Laser Projectors at 2016 Group Summit
                                            Release time:2016.01.26

                                            On Jan.25th, 2016, the Chinese Painting TM series of laser projectors were unveiled at 2016 Group summit, and well received by management and delegates present.

                                            Based on the decades accumulated Light color control technology from aviation lighting system, and a close following up with Lighting and Display Technology trends, we actively grasped the development opportunity to use laser as light source, and to integrate military and civilian needs, we promoted projectors with laser as light source. On this group wide summit, our product won the attention of presented management with its advantages as big size and high resolution, high brightness and rich in colors. The breath taking effects attacked many participants to stop and check, and we received around 40 companies and over 100 delegates who checked and shared their opinions. At the same time, we also received many ordering intentions from participants.

                                            Liu Shunda, chairman of the Supervisory Board as assigned by state council, Chen Yuanxian, Yin Weinin, Group Assistant General Managers, Wang Liang, Minister of the Department of products for civilian usage, deputy minister Ma Xuewen, Lu Guangshan, Chairman of the board of Shanghai Aviation Electric Co.,Ltd, Li Juwen, general manager and many high managements from participated companies had visited and experienced. They expressed great attention and support on the brand-new laser projector and spoke highly regarding the display effects.

                                            This exhibition was commercial series of laser projectors, to base on providing good service towards military customers and industry-users, we will continuously expand the product lines and user groups, in order to create leading brand in laser projectors with China's intellectual property rights.

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